I tried the Meatloaf, when the Masters Hand BBQ was in Glenbrook, It was Amazing!! I would Love to get some More!!

Diane Lybarger

Purchased the Bourbon Pickles recently because title intrigued me. My husband and I love these pickles, crisp and tangy with a unique taste. Makes you want to more than one.


I cant review these as they were a gift and have been sent to my military son for Christmas in Germany. However, if its any indication of how good they are, I have purchased items from you before and sent to him and when asked what he would like for Christmas your products were one of the two items he requested

Paula Bennett

I love them! Thank you. Those pickles are by far my favorite ever! I could buy a box of them!!! yummm!

Andrew Watkins

What a great company and buying expericne. I've bought from them before and best BBQ sauce I've ever had. If you love bbq sauce go check them on the web or Fort Wayne Indiana, which I need to get too someday. Thanks for great service and company.

Mike Wilding

The gallon of BBQ Sauce arrived much quicker than I expected. I took stomach wounds during Desert Storm. Ever since then, I have not been able to take spicy foods. Finding a BBQ sauce that has flavor and is not so spicy that it makes me ill is a wonderful thing. I must tell you that this is the best that I have found in a long time.

Swartz Family

My family and myself love to try new hot sauce/BBQ sauce. We have tried and enjoyed a lot of varieties. From generic grocery store brands to online ordering Carolina Reaper sauce, we try em all. My wife, our four children and myself recently went to our local Muncie Farmers Market and sampled some Masters spices and BBQ.. We were impressed, Fire and Brimstone BBQ was an instant hit with us. From burgers to pork chops it is the perfect kick. The taste of brown sugar, molasses, and the strong punch of heat with the crafted flavor still intact. Seriously, this is a BBQ sauce meant for those who love a quality made product from those who are in the know of BBQ flavors. I wouldn't change a thing with it. Absolute perfection. Thanks guys, keep up the fantastic work! Sincerely, The Swartz Family of Muncie Indiana.


Visited your stand at the Indianapolis flower and patio show. Bought your bbq medium and seasoning rub. Used them on steak and chicken....amazing flavors!!


We love this bbq sauce. We bought 2 bottles at the Shipshewanna on the Road and it was gone in no time. Went online and ordered a gallon of the Integrity, no longer do we use Sweet Baby Rays.


Purchased at dayton sports show just used it today . Best u have ever had bbq hot got to buy a gallon !!

Chris Risheill

I just left the Dayton show where you were exhibiting and bought a meat stick and I have never been more disappointed in my life. I have never been more disappointed that I didn't buy many MORE! It was the BEST meat stick I have had in my life. It really was amazing. So, so good! I can't wait to buy more. Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to continue to support you and will spread the word. Blessings! Chris

Mark Johnson

I finished the one jar before reading the label and I assumed you where a fellow brother. God bless you in your serving the Lord in whatever you put your hands upon I pray will continue to prosper.

Mark Johnson

I received your sauce as a gift from a farmers market. I recently became very interested in smoking my bbq and took a class at a local restaurant. Your regualr sauce is one of the finest I have ever had. I never had fresh fruit in a sauce. The spicy is a little to hot for me.

Janice Sarver

I purchased your medium BBQ sauce at the Cincinnati Flower show. This is the best sauce I have ever tried. I hope you can get this into some stores around Greenville, Troy or Piqua OH. I love that you are Christ Centered.

Linda Parker

Tried your mild sauce and loved it. We decided we may enjoy a little kick so next we tried medium. Your sauce is delicious. We are convinced you have the best sauce around!

Scott Leiby Family

My husband bought some of your Fire & Brimstone at the Gun show here in the Elkhart RV Museum. Skeptical at first, now I am a forever fan! Not a fan of spicy, but we all love this stuff! We use it on chicken breasts but can't wait to try it on other food. (We have to get another bottle first!) Glad to see it's sold at Maple City Market in Goshen....I would hate to have to wait for another gun show! Also want to purchase the mild and, of course, who couldn't use a little more Integrity?! God bless you and all you put your hands to!


During the blizzard we decided to "egg" our ribs I bought. Soaked in apple vinegar then put your rub on them and later the Mustard based bbq sauce. DELISH! Also made some bake beans with the same sauce and brown sugar and bacon, sooo good! Keep up the good work!


Picked up some rub at your event at the Indiana State Fairgrounds last. First annual food event. Great stuff- need more and no Indy outlet! Here's hoping that you can set up an Indianapolis outlet by summer.


Met you at the Gluten Free Fest in Indianapolis but wasn't able to buy at the time. Then got a second chance at Shipshewana on the Road in Kokomo, Indiana. Got a bottle of the mustard and it was one of the best purchases made that day. Going to have to order a gallon of it for this summer. Looking forward to see what that will do with the smoked chicken and ribs. Thanks for offering such a great gluten free alternative. We hope to become long time customers. God Bless.

Shamrick - Indiana

This is the only bbq sauce our family of 5 agrees on! No matter the dish the kids go back for 2nds! The medium flavor has a sweet taste with a little kick. My wife is the biggest fan!

Deb Davis

we picked up the rub at the farmers market in Columbia City, IN. It is great. Yesterday brined chicken with it. Then mixed equal parts of the rub with equal parts of the mayo and whisked in 1/4 part olive oil. Rubbed this on the chicken and cooked on the grill. We had a customer over for dinner and it was a hit.

Bernie Kaufman

Great Product for a Servant Organization!

Candy Terrell

I am a Cafeteria manager and I am always looking for healthier options for the children. I found this at the Fort Wayne Home and Garden Show, and brought some in for my staff to try. We decided to try it on the children and now we use it all the time. I am passing your information to other schools. Keep cooking guys! Thanks, Candy

Shanna English

I recently purchased your dry BBQ rub, and it is delicious! I will definitely be purchasing other products in the future. You have another loyal customer!

Dan Watson

Just ordered 2 more gallons since I have a new grill and everyone here loves your sauce. Cubed chicken breast with heavenly sauce add cheese and bacon on sour dough bread toasted lettuce and mayo. I call it a Jameson its Irish.

Renee Stout

I love your products and they passed my Hubbys taste test - I also LOVE that you are Christ Centered! Great presentation at the Home and Garden show and GREAT energy from your peeps.

Christopher Parker

I bought a jar of your MVP Mustard at Oktoberfest Celebration in Columbus, Ohio. It was fantastic! I collect BBQ sauce from all over the country and have now amassed 197 different bottles of sauce (nearly all empty now). Yours is in my Top 5 for mustard based sauces. Great job, I will be buying more.

Dawn Hoffman

I have used your products for a couple of years -- my favorite is your dry BBQ seasoning rub -- I usually purchase it in Columbia City at the market. One of my favorite uses -- rub the dry seasoning generously on raw shrimp - wrap them in bacon & bake ~~~ it's the best!!!

Tanesa Thompson

I bought your sauce at the Shipshewana event in Dimondale, MI. I absolutely love it! It is hard to find any products without high fructose corn syrup that actually tastes good. I have the original and the medium. I love, love, love it!

Judy P

Bought the mustard at Covered Bridge Festival. Spread it on top of my husband's salmon filet and baked. He was thrilled. Good cookin' guys.

Jane H

I tasted the BBQ delight dip at the market at Lutheran Hosp. Im glad I bought 2 packs as I am mixing the last one now. My family loves it. Its easy to make and good on a lot of things. I also purchased the BBQ sauce and we love that too !

Spurgeon Family

We have purchased the spices multiple times at Johnny Appleseed Festival, Riverfest, and some farmers markets and we love it. We have tried it on chicken, popcorn, burgers, and so many other things. Thanks for the great spices!

Swan Family

I used the rub on chicken breast. It was great just rinse, drain, rub and bake. Great flavor and it did not char like most rubs do.


Amazing sloppy Joes! First time I bought it and just loved it!


I bought a jar last fall and put it in my cupboard. Two weeks ago I discovered it and used it to make pulled pork. Best I ever had!!!! Just used the last of my jar and had to look MH up online. Gotta have some more!


Tasted the BBQ sauce and rub at the farmer's market in Columbia sold me! Excited to get my hubby at the grill and making some good stuff with this sauce and rub. Love the products, love the message!


This stuff is great! You should sell it! BTW, your security question is hard! I had to use a calculator!!

The Watson Family

This is the best BBQ sauce by far I have tried. My wife just loves it so much she says she could eat it everynight :) Just opened my last jar tonight so I have to order the 1 gallon jug. I am a BBQ nut so I have tried it on every kind of meat and has been great on them all.


I discovered your BBQ sauce and BBQ cashews at the Home and Garden Show in Wooster, Ohio. Your friendly customer service and genuine passion for the product was great. Thanks for offering me a free sample - I think I'm hooked!

Jan Kulcsar, Barberton, OH

I bought the mild sauce at Dalton Home and Flower Show yesterday. I used it on Western ribs last night and it was delicious!!! I used the rub on roasted potatoes with a little olive oil...Yummy!!! I am now a fan!!


I was not a BBQ sause user, until I tasted yours. Now I keep a jar on hand all of the time.

Sharon Braun

My daughter and I bought two jars of Masters Hand BBQ (1 medium and 1 hot) at a farmer's market and used it that night. We were solid Sweet Baby Ray's fans before, but it does not even compare with your sauce. Marvelous! Masters Hand BBQ is on my list as Christmas gifts for both my son-in-laws and all the other men in our lives.

Amber O

Made ribs on the grill with the BBQ sauce, and will be purchasing more, it taste delicious!


We purchased two jars of your Mild BBQ sauce and had it on chicken tonight for dinner. Oh. My. Goodness! It was the best we have ever had!!!

Jeff Zolnik

I am a bbq nut and I have tried them all.This is superior from the rest and I use the medium and hot.Depends on the persons choice.Chicken and Ribs are my specialty.You must try on ribs....WOW..

Priscilla Sissem

Hi folks! I got some of the original flavor Masters Hand BBQ at the Nappanee Apple Festival. I tried it on boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Sauteed the chicken for a few minutes, poured in the sauce and put it in the oven for 30 minutes. I'm not one who eats BBQ often, but this sauce is yummy! Sweet, tangy, not artificial flavored. If you like BBQ taste without heat, this is the sauce for you!

Mary Ann Baker

I love the taste of the original sauce. I've had it on chicken, ribs, in sloppy joes and on meatballs. I'm not a big fan of sloppy joes but I just loved them made with the sauce. If you haven't tried it, you definitely need to. We love Masters Hand BBQ!!!

Ness Family

3 family members ended up with your BBQ sauce after separate trips to the Marshmallow Festival in Ligonier, IN. We all agree it's delicious! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to purchase local products.

Carol Doctor

It was a plesure meeting and talking with you at Hoagland Ag Days! After sampling your sauce I knew I wanted some to try in a few recipes of my own. Good luck with your company and I will do some advertising for you!! Keep up the great attitude and work ethic! God's Blessings!

Don Tupper

Going to try some this evening in some sloppy joes as your wife suggested. We are Christians and like doing busines with Christians thanks again Don Tupper


I just tried your sauce and it is delicious! It's thick and sweet...just what BBQ sauce should be!! Thanks for a great product!